2024 Tutu Staff Retreat – Dare to Dream

2024 Tutu Staff Retreat

2024 Tutu Staff Retreat – Dare to Dream

The 2024 Tutu Rural Training Centre staff seminar ended on a high note with the theme “Dare to Dream” with 48 staff who attended the week-long staff seminar. This is a yearly event which began with a two days retreat directed by Fr Samuela Tukidia sm, one day of capacity building and three days of planning based on the 2024-2028 strategic plan.

TRTC has come a long way since inception and the tradition of staff seminar continues to lay a good foundation for activities to be carried out during the year. Activities planned for the year were based on the following thematic areas:

  • Strategic Priority 1: Sustainable expansion of formation
  • Strategic Priority 2: Build modern and organized agriculture, conducive to climate change adaption at Oceania Farm and elsewhere
  • Strategic Priority 3: Improve delivery of support services to past participants to maximize success in achieving their goals
  • Strategic Priority 4: Develop integrated infrastructure at Tutu
  • Strategic Priority 5: Improve project implementation
  • Strategic Priority 6: Generate funds and secure investment 
  • Strategic priority 7: Improve food security at Tutu and beyond 
  • Strategic Priority 8 : Restore and enhance soil fertility at Tutu and beyond
  • Strategic Priority 9: Improve visibility of Tutu

Implementing the above thematic areas will help TRTC achieve its Vision and Mission which are based on the following Marist Education themes of:

  1. Be a good Christian
  2. Be a good Citizen
  3. To be Educated
2024 Tutu Staff Retreat

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